Disinformation Groups —- FFCHS & OSI

Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance (FFCHS) Organized Stalking Informers (OSI) FFCHS Phone Number: (800) 571-5618 Original Address:  3925 Paxton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45209 Subsequent …

Source: Disinformation Groups —- FFCHS & OSI


TIS Electtomagnetic Torture, with electromagnetic weapons of all descriptions. I have been hit and tortured constantly, day and night with microwave weapons. My neighbours would point their cell phone or shine their vehicle head light at me and on my home. This burns my body intensely especially my organs with special emphasis on my vagina. The radiation is so strong that it interferes with all electrical gadgets; my stove would make ticking sounds, the fridge and fan change gears, ticking sounds coming from the walls. Got got worst in 2011 but intensified in 2013 after construction was done on the road in our condominium complex. Additional electrical wires were run underground and into my unit. The contractors left open wire in three or four areas of the complex which my neighbours and friends freely access. They have remotely control me and my electricity. (note did the same to my car) Faucets of the government; researchers re-route aircrafts to fly over our complex at 5-7 intervals and quite frequently every three minutes. During these dubious operations I burn intensely, it felt as if my organs were fried or my body dose in a pot of boiling water. To survive I dose my vaginal area in cold water and I slept on wet sheets. The electrical wires hissed and walls, floors, coaches become hot to touch making crackling noises as they inflate and began to smell like burn rubber even  my skin smells burn. All electrical appliances are affected; TV broke, microwave broke stove hot. I was threatened via voice to skull not to speak about it and if I do they will attack all member of my family with emphasis on my disable daughter; and they did! They gave me an orption; “stay in Canada and be comatosed or go back to Jamaica and be shot” They also said,” We were given permission to torture me for life” I became aware of the torture in 2005 and 2006, but it was happening way before that. They ordered was loud and frightening; “LEAVE YOUR HOUSE LEAVE KEEYS AND DO NOT TAKE ANY IDENTIFICATION WITH YOU; THATS AN ORDER” I fought to stay into my house but I began to see in colours and find it difficult to breath. They increased the pain levels putting pressure on my chest shouting, repeating “COMPLY WITH REQUEST..” I refuse to comply so the torture became incresingly worst. most times it’s about sex, rape and money. “GIVE ME MONEY” GIVE ME MONEY” Some of these voices were clearly coming from my stomach, some were voice to skull and some appeared to be like surround sound, “If you do not comply with request You will comedown with ‘Full Blown Aids” The dentist; Christine Ann Caulford, I had been seeing from 1990 to 2012 had been steadily injecting chemicals, serum, bacterial substances, RFid chips in my fillings and gum. I finally caught her in with the serum in October of 2012; when she severely overdosed me; and concurrently was giving me amoxicillin prior to dental procedures. This explains the voices in my stomach (hidden in these large pills are FRid chips! These pills have frequences and code that were given to neighbours, industrial companies, telephone, gas companies, neighbours, police etc for the sole purpose of torture. In 2002 I was put to sleep by Dr. G. Skrinkas for a colonscopy at the North York Branson Hospital in North York (Toronto) He too put another RFID chip in the back of my head Therefore I am also tortured via the Limbic System. I called and wrote to the chief of police on numerous occasions; (Bill BLAIR) asking for help In 2014; he sent police officer to take me out of my home and put me on the psyche ward, Scarborough General Hospital. This female officer took all my personal belongings including my wallet, keys and gave it to other police officers to gain access to my home here they added other booby traps and illegally searched my home. While in the hospital, I was restrained and over dosed; with psychotrophic drugs; Recently as March 2014. Dr. D. Grazer restrained me and gave me two psychotrophic drugs. The first cause my body to burn intensely including my mouth and nostrils, it basically dries me out. It suppresses respiration making difficult to breath or stand; knees buckling; a zomby state. The second, another overdose of what he claimed to be Ambilify 150mg. Without consideration of my height, weight, kidney and liver function or heart condition. This like the first put me in a daze, a zomby state lost time, difficulty concentrating, shaking; I am 5′ 1 3/4’ tall weigh 110 lbs. Note is was done to me again in the same hospital, I was not told what the drug was but from experience it got to be a psychotrophic that causes “PARKINSONIA” I could not walk or stand- cogwheel reaction. difficult breathing, and my body shakes uncontrollable.In 1986 I was living in Boston MA. had my first operation for a myomectomy at the Brigham and Woman’s hospital, Dr. Ross Berkowitz illegally implanted RFid chips, transmitters transformers GPS, all over my body including my vagina and behind my pubic bone. The “Higgs boson” and the robotic arm of NASA is in my lower left abdominal quadrant. A battery was also implanted in my heart and stent in my neck, and a rocket  lies transversely in my stomach. All these codes and frequencies were given to thugs and I believe sold to other countries. My neighbours continue to harass, but I am fighting with every ounce of my being; its hard because the torture is from every angle public places, Church, libraries aeroplanes. I was badly burn on air canada rouge on December 31st, 2015; Under every seat of the plane there was a “Light” there was no escape and there was no way to control the overhead air vent. I say;Blessings to all TI’s and good Samaritans! Lets continue the good fight for freedom and justice; Perpetrators; Infiltrators and all traitors must be persecuted! I say;It’s better to be run down; than to be Run over”dfirstlady5@hotmail.comHillary Eloise j. Combs-Connell (former married name Bell)  

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